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E-mail Campaigns

Have a list

You have a list of e-mail addresses you'd like to start mailing to but aren't sure how? We can help. Let us send out those newletters, announcements, etc. to your people for you.

Want to collect a list

Collecting e-mail addresses from visitors to your web site, Facebook page, etc is crucial for on-going marketing and communciations with your people. Can help you not only collect those e-mail addresses but with the sending of your messages as well.

Contact us for a FREE consultation on whether this program is right for your business.


The collection of e-mail addresses of your customers and visitors is an easy and important aspect of marketing.

what's the best way to incent people to give you their e-mail address?

Give-aways! Whether it be a free month of service or a percentage off of their next order, give-aways areby far the best way to get those addresses.

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